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How To Be Green

Posted by duncan, 2003 days ago

If you want to learn about organic food, nappies or just how to be green then why not join today?

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Reading discussion "How To Be Green" - Join this discussion / 19 comment(s)
We want ecolocal to be as friendly and welcoming as possible. To achieve that, this is meant to be a place for all those simple tips and tricks that we've picked up along the way.

If you know of a good 'how to', then join in this discussion and share your tips. Remember, everyone was a newbie at one point in their life :)

Heres's my list of websites that can help you answer the important question - 'How can I be Green?'

* Ecostreet has plenty of ideas for making the most out of grey water.

* The Independent gives you 7 days to Green your life.

* The Times has a comprehensive guide to how to be green.

* Tom Chance has some useful tips too.

* The Green Guy has a selection of ethical tips

* 4ecotips has a list of eco tips too.

* Treehugger (again) has a list of alternatives to traditional dry cleaning.

Seen a good website that's not on the list? Got some tips to share to help us be green? Join this discussion and share..


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  1. Re: How To Be Green by hoosierhunter, 1954 days ago

    Great links. I also recommend checking out the site for greenpeace, though it has a lot to do with a more global view of green living.

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  2. Re: How To Be Green by jane, 1954 days ago

    Hi Hoosierhunter.
    We talked a lot about Greenpeace in the earlier days of this site - you might be interested to take a look at the article

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    1. Re: Re: How To Be Green by aryamithun, 1568 days ago

      This is MIthun Shah from ahmedabad, India. I run an Eco friendly events company in India and for this is a mission in life. I read about you on the internet and I am so happy that like minded people are over also in London. Right now I have come over here for a week or two and explore this field a bit.

      I am attaching a small clipping just to introduce the type of work we are doing in India. I am sure that you will like it. http://www.mahajanam.org/mpeg.mpg . i am also into the organic products business. which can be of use to you. for me this is not just business but also a misssion. i know you might not have enough time to meet a stranger like me because u get lots of inquiries. but i want each and every person who is working for the sake of envoirment to be flourishing so that more and more people joining into it. i have a good group of indians whom i can suggest your name.
      If yes than I would like to meet you in person if possible. I have a big group of people Indians basically where in they like my work but cannot come to India to organize their functions and use my products. So I thought why not meet you and then refer your company to my friends. There are lots of ideas that I want to share not only for the commercial purpose but also save the world by my knowledge distribution, and also building a relationship.
      My number is London is 07810273956.
      I will await your replythankin you
      Mithun shah

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  3. Re: How To Be Green by shinningstar, 1949 days ago

    That's a great and more specific link. I believe that inorder to be green we are encouraged to operationalize a regreening strategy for sustainable development. Activities involved include the conservation, management, development, protection and proper use of our natural resources. Check this site http://www.denr.gov.ph/green.

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  4. Re: How To Be Green by Anonymous, 1892 days ago

    Indulging in the spirit, "what you think is Garbage, someone else may think is Useful"... This is a way of promoting recycling and reduces needless landfill waste... One way to do this for free is through www.usefulgarbage.com ... its good fun as well!

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  5. Re: How To Be Green by Anonymous, 1889 days ago

    convert to using the enjo fibre technology total programme for every room in the home and outside. All you add is water. It is cool, sytlish and fantastic and is being used in homes, offices, schools and hospitals. It saves time, money and the products last for up 3 years or more) There is no packaging and the gloves and clothes can be recyled. www.enjo.co.uk

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  6. Re: How To Be Green by duncan, 1863 days ago

    TreeHugger has a good 'Go Green' section here, too:


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  7. Re: How To Be Green by duncan, 1856 days ago

    And here's some more information to get you started:


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    1. Re: Re: How To Be Green by Anonymous, 1740 days ago

      If you have unwanted items you would like to send to Africa or other countries, you can post this on http://www.spiraluniverse.org, a website geared at Christians involved in positive initiatives.

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  8. Re: How To Be Green by jane, 1849 days ago

    Triggered by the MSNBC article about being green, I thought I'd add some of the UK equivalent links to this discussion. Of course many aren't just for the UK - they're online after all, but for suppliers and climate, I thought it worth doing.

    1 - Gardening - Try the BBC's Gardening with children page with activities, ideas and hints.

    2 - Natural Cleaning - well we've a few articles on this already.... Cleaning with Baking-Soda (or baking powder for the UK)
    Cleaning with Vinegar - yes, it works wonders on limescale
    Green Cleaning

    or there are the green products such as ecover. Have a look in your local supermarket and health food store as more are popping up all of the time.

    Or there are ecoballs - I don't know how they work, but they seem to.

    3 - Junk Mail
    See Junk Mail for ideas on this one.

    4 - air your laundry
    Well this is the same anywhere - line dry it or at least on the airer. Make sure you have a high spin speed on your washing machine to give the process a head start.

    5 - recycle your gadgets - go with the info provided. Also remember that your local tip is likely to have a special place for electricals. Unfortunately you'll find that very few charity shops take electrical goods for fear of faulty / damaged goods injuring customers. Many aren't covered from an insurance perspective.

    I'll continue with the others later.....

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  9. Re: How To Be Green by JoP, 1831 days ago

    look at the freecycle website to prevent unwanted items going into landfill............

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  10. Re: How To Be Green by maradadirose, 1815 days ago

    Hi my name is Rosie and I'd like to tell you about www.greenunion.co.uk - our exciting, new comprehensive and up-to-date online green wedding resource covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    One of the most important events in anyone's life is getting married, and more and more couples are opting to take a greener approach to their wedding day, sourcing local, ethical, organic and more personal choices.

    This eco friendly wedding website will help with everything a couple needs to know about planning stylish, sustainable, greener weddings and celebrations without compromising on quality or design. Our comprehensive resource of products and services from hats to honeymoons, and cakes to carriages, will help every eco-chic bride and groom plan a healthy and happy wedding day.

    Check out this only truly comprehensive ethical wedding directory with advice and tips for gorgeous green weddings.

    We're searching for partners throughout the UK and Ireland, so do get in touch if you think your business has a synergy with GreenUnion.

    Warm wishes to you all!

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  11. Re: How To Be Green by suttree, 1802 days ago

    A big part of being green is recycling, of course. A big part of browsing the web, is finding new reference points.

    The two come together remarkably well with this new website, How Can I Recycle This?

    Look at all these great tips, how to recycle VHS tapes, smoke alarms, newspapers, including those pesky free ones in London, old potatoes and even popped bubble wrap!

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  12. Re: How To Be Green by EviesEarth, 1732 days ago

    Wow, these are some great links posted here. I am going to be busy going through all of them! Thank you! I also think that freecycle is great. I visit our local one often.

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  13. Re: How To Be Green by judith, 1723 days ago

    We were concerned about the chemicals in everyday products and the effect on our family which is why we started www.homescents.co.uk/catalog.
    Our grandaughter had asthma but now no longer any problems.It really is important to our families and to the planet to look at labels and study the contents and say no if you are concerned. I would appreciate it if you let me know what you think about our website and if you think we really are showing how natural we are. Thanks, bye.
    Have a good weekend all.

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    1. Re: Re: How To Be Green by ecosrights, 1722 days ago


      I've just had a look through the site - the content is good and does reflect your ethics/ natural roots.

      What I would suggest is that you make it more image based so that there isn't as much to read. We've learnt, through other sites, that people often don't want to read, especially if they are wanting to buy something.

      Good luck to you with the business -I'm about to order one of your baby gift sets for a friend.

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  14. Re: How To Be Green by ecosrights, 1699 days ago

    It's only a small one, but in this week's Observer, the green tip for the weekend....

    2 paper towels or 30 seconds of hand dryer? Well, neither are brilliant, so ideally use your clothes! But if you must, go for the dryer as the impact of the towels is greater.

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  15. Re: How To Be Green by TicklyToes, 1454 days ago

    Janey Lee Grace's site and forum at http://www.imperfectlynatural.com/ is full of ideas for living a more holistic, sustainable lifestyle.

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  16. Re: How To Be Green by ecosrights, 1320 days ago

    There's an interesting story of a family's challenge to go greener by creating zero landfill waste. You can follow their story here

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