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Scripts and programs

Castor and Pollox

Robots make the best friends, and robots are a great way to break out of the echo-chamber of internet news. More here.


A twitter robot to nudge you when you should be worried about something. More here.

Occupy Offline

One small step in the mainstreaming of the Occupy movement. A shorter and quicker version of a game I envisaged that was designed to be played when you go offline, on a train, on the underground. More here.


A game about finding love at the end of the world. Somehow this even got a brief mention in Wired magazine but it was never finished. More here and here.

Give Good Sunflower

Back when everyone on Twitter made me angry, I made a version of Twitter without the people. More here.


A version of foursquare (a location-based social network) but without the locations, of course. More here, here, here, and here.


Another helpful robot who watches for the trains I used to get in and out of London, and sent me a direct message on Twitter so that I received an SMS *before* I got to the station, if my train was delayed or cancelled. He turned out to be quite sarcastic. More here.

SQL Profiler plugin for Rails

A plugin to log database activity for later optimisation. See

Jetpack plugins for Mozilla Firefox

A few plugins written in Javascript that make use of the Jetpack framework in Firefox:

- Recently closed tabs
- Keyboard Link Navigation
- Quick Launch

hugg plugin for WordPress

A simple WordPress plugin to ease the bookmarking of posts to Find out more.

PyGames: Slider and WordSlider

Two puzzle games written using PyGame. Find out more.

Fotopic backup

A very simple python script that uses BeautifulSoup to create a local backup of all your valuable photos. Find out more

Personal Proxy Server

A local web proxy written in Python that indexes the content of every page you visit, creating a searchable database of your web history. Find out more.

Secure Media

An update to Florian Metzger's SecureMedia.php class that prevents hotlinking to Flash game and now adds support for ETag and Last-Modified headers, otherwise known as conditional-GET, to help reduce the bandwidth usage by allowing for caching of secured games. Find out more.


A Python script to import your IMAP mail into dokuwiki to give you a web-based, wikifiable, searchable archive of your mail. Find out more.

PHPBB Login Integration

PHPBB Login Integration is a PHP class that allows you to integrate your own login system with phpBB forum system. Meaning that you can have one login valid across both your Web site and phpBB. The code is hosted at

PHP Scoreboard

PHP Scoreboard is a PHP class that maintains a number of high score tables for any type of game. The code is hosted at

GrokItBot: A Python AIML and Bayesian IM bot

GrokItBot is an IM bot that uses Py-TOC, PyAIML and Divmod Reverend to create an AIM bot that makes uses of AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to respond to messages, combined with a Bayesian algorithm to provide learning and guessing capabilities. Find out more.

SOCKS4 proxy

A very simple Python script to demonstrate the SOCKS4 proxy server that is included with Twisted. Find out more.

Google shell

google shell, written in Python, making use of PyGoogle. Find out more.

Auto-document for Perl and PHP

A perl script that documents PHP and Perl code by reading the comments and creating a body of documentation that matches the original file, associating each comment with it's parent object, method or function. Find out more.

MSN Chat bot

A chat bot written in Python that uses the MSN protocol. Current version 0.1 but still under active development. Honest. Find out more.

Autocoding and SQL::Like

A simple SQL 'autocoding' environment, including a new programming language, called SQL::Like, both written in Perl. Find out more.

Java client/server sockets application

A GUI Client for transferring files from one machine to another using sockets, and a Server to accept and store the transferred files, both written in Java, using Swing also. Find out more.

Enough (Perl) Monkeys

A fun script that simulates a monkey typing at a keyboard to see what words and sentences might appear. Find out more.

RSS news parser

An RSS parser that uses PHP and freely available RSS feeds to add fresh news content to your site. See the code or find out more.

Homepage session counter

A session counter for use on your homepage, written in PHP. This needs access to a MySQL database to run properly. See the code or find out more.

Shopping cart

A shopping cart application written in PHP, using a MySQL database for storage. Find out more.

Database result cache

Database caching using PHP and XML. See the code or find out more.

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