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PPS. A local proxy and web history index

I've been meaning to write a web proxy that *did* something to all the data is handled for some time now. I've also been meaning to mess around with Lupy for almost as long :)
PPS is the result of this. It's just a very simple proxy server and search engine - more of a proof of concept that anything approaching a completed project. In essence, I've just welded together a simple proxy server written by Suzuki Hisao and the Python port of Lucene, Lupy, by Divmod.

Once you setup your browser to make use of a proxy server running on then you can run the script and start browsing as normal. PPS will create a folder called pps_index where it will store all of its' indexed data. Each page you visit will be parsed and added to the history database. Eventually, when you need to search for a page that you've visited, or a phrase that you've read but can't remember where - PPS will come in handy. It indexes the URL, page title, date and text which means that you can search for something by date, url, title or just a word in the text of that page that you remember. Obviously, some words will appear in several places but Lupy has a very good phrase search too, so the more specific your search is, the better your results will be.

To run the proxy:
$ ./ &

To search your web history:
$ ./ playaholics
Personal Proxy Server search results

You will need to install the Lupy before trying to run this. Once you have done that, can be run from anywhere.

PPS can be downloaded from here:
Download PPS

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