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PHP RSS News Parser

An RSS parser that uses PHP and freely available RSS feeds to add fresh news content to your site.

As above, just include the rss.php file from within your PHP page, and the news will appear. You should find the HTML code in the functions endElement(), show_title() and show_list_box() below, feel free to modify these to match your site.

Decompress the file into your webroot and include it from whichever pages on which you want to display the data, e.g;


PHP RSS News Parser can be downloaded from here;
Download PHP RSS News Parser

Version 2
Version 2 isn't planned, but flames, feedback and questions can be directed to me, .

This page is using an updated and well modified version of the code. Mr. Sluys has also been kind enough to release his modifications under a GPL licence so I strongly recommend you download his version if you're looking for a simple RSS, RDF and XML newsfeed parser that, amongst other things, now validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Thanks Gregg!
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