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This perl script strips comments from the files passed to it, and creates documentation by association the comments with the object, method or function where they are relevant. I use it to quickly document large PHP or Perl codebases that I need to extend. Having worked on a number of different procjects, this is something that I have found to be *very* useful. It won't give you intimate knowledge of a codebase, but it will give you a good overview in a short space of time.

$ ./ /path/to/file and it will put the documentation for that file in the output/ folder.

First, decompress the tar.gz file into any directory and then just run as specified above.

Auto-document for Perl and PHP can be downloaded from here
Download Auto-document

Version 2
Version 0.5 is being developed right now, so flames, feedback and questions can be directed to me, .

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