JetPack: Quick Launch

May 28th, 2009, By Duncan Gough

Following on from my earlier extensions for Mozilla Jetpack (Recently Closed Tabs and Keyboard Link Navigation), if you have Jetpack installed, you should be prompted to install my Quick Launch extension. Once you have it installed (no restart required), then you’ll start to notice some favicons appear in the Firefox status bar.

The Quick Launch extension tracks your most favourite websites and adds a link to them, so you don’t even need to type or hunt through bookmarks. What’s more, if you stop visiting one site and start visiting another, then the Quick Launch bar will automatically update itself with your new preferences (all in 44 lines of javascript). If you haven’t got it installed, here’s what it looks like:

Jetpack: Quick Launch

If I’ve interested you in Mozilla JetPack, then you should take a look at the code on Github or view the source here.

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