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Christmas Decorations to make with kids

Posted by ecosrights, 1493 days ago

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Reading discussion "Christmas Decorations to make with kids" - Join this discussion / 6 comment(s)
One of the great things about Christmas is that kids of all ages can get away with getting covered in glue, glitter, paint etc.... GREAT fun. We're all able to do it to make cards, decorations, decorate paper and make sweets.

I thought I'd try to list some ideas of some easy and effective decorations to make.....


Take a white sheet of paper, fold it in half, turn 90 degrees and in half again. Then fold it diagonally so that you have a triangle. Cut shapes out of the folded edges and then open it up.

This is where the fun begins....

Take the glue, the paint and the glitter and just have fun decorating it. You can always put it onto a disc of silver or gold card if you want to and then it's easier to hang it up on the tree.

Chains of snowmen, angels or Christmas trees
Again, take plain paper (but this time it can be coloured) that is probably about 12 cm high (makes it a reasonable size) and fold it into concertinas.....

Then fold it all in half and draw half of the tree etc on the paper ensuring that the image goes right to the edge as this is how it will all join together.

Unfold the concertina and have fun decorating - see how many different things you can use for buttons on the snowmen or tinsel on the trees. Just have fun. (Kids can be really creative here)

Glitter shapes
I came across this on in an Usbourne book the other day....

Take some slices of bread
Cut them into shapes with standard paper cutters
Put a hole in the top (potentially with a skewer) of each shape

Leave them to dry over night (it may take a bit longer if the bread is fresh. make sure they are left in an open space so that they can dry out)

Using poster paint, paint the edges

Then mix a bit of glue with the paint and paint one face, cover it in glitter (or whatever you want to use)... let it dry then do the other side.

Then all you need to do is thread some ribbon or string through the hole to hang it on the tree.

These are just a starter... have fun

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  1. Re: Christmas Decorations to make with kids by ecosrights, 1493 days ago

    Here's a really nice website with some good images of how to make decorations.

    How Stuff Works

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  2. Gift Bags by jane, 1487 days ago

    These are easy to make and can be decorated as much as you like...

    Get a fairly sturdy box of about the right size, cut the wrapping paper (it's best to use quite a thick paper) to the appropriate size (allowing for it being taller / smaller than the box as appropriate).

    Fold over the top edge of the paper and stick it down (you may want to fold it twice to make it stronger if you're considering hanging the bag on the tree)

    Then "wrap" the paper around your box, remembered to leave the folded end open.

    Use a hole punch in the top (the folded section) and thread ribbon through.

    The, provide children with glitter, glue, pens and stickers and let them decorate away!

    Not only do you have a bag to put a present in, but you have a nice decoration.

    This year we're making lots of these to put on the Christmas table instead of crackers as my son doesn't like the "snap" of the crackers. Little gifts, streamers and balloons all fit rather nicely.....

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  3. Re: Christmas Decorations to make with kids by ecosrights, 1471 days ago

    Now this idea isn't great with young kids (although I'm sure they'll have fun trying to help....)

    Make baubles out of cards (ideally recycling last year's cards)

    I have to say that they look really good and can be as colourful as your supplies permit (or the children with their paint and glitter)

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  4. Glittering tree decorations by ecosrights, 1149 days ago

    We made these last year simply because I'd had a clear out at work and had lots of clear plastic covers and backing card from presentation and report packs. I wasn't sure if the plastic could be recycled, so decided to reuse it instead.

    You could make these in any shape, but we stuck to round ones last year...

    - Cut two circles of equal size (probably 8-10cm in diameter - the bottom of a glass is good). Then cut a circle from in the middle of these, therefore leaving a ring of about 1-1.5 cm.

    - Use these circles as a guide when you cut the plastic circle - it needs to be between the two sizes. (Note, the edges of the plastic are quite sharp, so you may want to do this yourself and the next step to make them safe)

    - Make a "sandwich" of the plastic and card, sticking them together with some decent glue (some water based ones wont work on the plastic)

    - when the glue is dry, use a needle to put a thread through the card ring so that you can hang it up

    - then decorate it to your heart's content - we used lots of glitter glue.

    I made lots of the base decorations and then when we had kids here, they were able to decorate them as they wanted to. It was a great cheap and easy way of keeping them occupied.

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  5. Homemade Presents for the Teacher by ecosrights, 740 days ago

    OK, so I may be a bore here, but I really begrudge the fact that getting presents for the teacher at Christmas is expected, and with some parents it's almost a competition. Last year it was homemade cookies all round, nicely wrapped and decorated by our son. This year we're making felt stockings and filling them with lavender to make a dual purpose present - a tree decoration, but also a scented pillow for in drawers.

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  6. Re: Christmas Decorations to make with kids by ecosrights, 387 days ago

    This year's big make in our house (including a hundred or so for the school fair!) is dough shapes.

    Nice and easy to make - 2 cups of plain flour, 1 of salt, 1 of water, some food colouring and a teaspoon of oil.

    Mix the dry ingredients (add some glitter for added sparkle of you fancy), add the food colouring and oil to the water (green is popular in our house) and slowly add to the flour etc until you've got a good dough.

    Leave the dough for 20 mins, then roll between lightly floured sheets of grease proof paper (easier to handle and clean up) to about 4mm, then cut to shape, remembering the holes for the ribbon / string.

    Then leave to dry (takes a few days) or "bake" on about 80 degrees C for 3-4 hours, cool and decorate.

    Have fun!

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