Sunday 22nd February  HTTP and HTTPS connections in Python  [More like this]  XML AI links  [More like this]  AI Bot Email Friend  [More like this]  KQML Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language  [More like this]  The Knowbot� software released here implements a research infrastructure for mobile agents ("Knowbot programs") intended for use in widely distributed systems such as the Internet. The current version is an experimental prototype; we plan to release new, improved versions on a regular basis.  [More like this]  A detailed walkthrough on creating backups using rsync  [More like this]  Smoked Pepper and Butter Bean Vegetarian Sausages  [More like this]  MySQL python module  [More like this]  MySQLdb, OSX and -lmysqlclient_r  [More like this]  Building MySQLdb on OSX - python  [More like this]  Python coding conventions  [More like this]  Python blog  [More like this]

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