Duncan Gough

A technology and product operator with experience across startups, agencies, public sector and large organisations including Made by Many, Analog Folk, Nando's, the Liberal Democrats, the V&A, and Serco.

I am a maker with deep technical knowledge across a wide range of languages, frameworks and approaches having designed and developed websites, e-commerce applications, social platforms and marketplaces, aided by a modern leadership approach that supports teams who grow to become trusted experts within their organisations.

I approach opportunities with a mindset of vision, coaching, and operations, something that stems from hands-on startup experience of founding, validating and financing ideas, taking them to market, and attempting to cross the chasm of mass adoption.

I fit best where I can help people to adapt, implement and scale new ways of working, and where I can help to design, validate and deliver products that users love.

A more detailed view of my work is available here external link to github page & here internal link to portfolio page