Duncan Gough

I am an operator and maker with over fifteen years of experience across technology, product and innovation.

I take ideas all the way from research and conception to delivery and adoption, across startups, agencies and enterprise organisations.

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Picture of Duncan Gough, credit Startup Guide Berlin

Where I do my best work

I'm a technologist, creative, entrepreneur, innovator, and designer. I am trying to thread the needle between initiating meaningful work for large audiences, and creating products that people love.

I like to work with technology that enables wellbeing and positive change, using AI and machine learning for good, building creative communities and immersive experiences.

Skills & experience

I work best operating at a leadership level, where I'm comfortable setting a direction and guiding teams through the full product development lifecycle.

My work in innovation comes from understanding the opportunities that new technology affords, running whiteboard sessions, using research, insights, data and analytics to guide that creative process. See my portfolio for an idea of the creative projects I enjoy most.

I build mobile apps and responsive platforms, working with open source, cloud and machine learning stacks, including node, python, ruby, APIs, and Continuous Development.

Duncan Gough