Thursday 19th February  Guardian RSS  [More like this]  Rss feeds  [More like this]  It seems that many members of our congregation are under the impression that PHP5, the second coming of the son of our lord, will save their souls.  [More like this]  Stupid PHP Code  [More like this]  Getting started with Mcrypt [PHP]  [More like this]  PHP Blog - Dynamically types  [More like this]  PHP::Strings  [More like this]  Python - Understanding Network I/O, Part 2  [More like this]  Return of a great Python network programming tutorial  [More like this]  Python - return element of list if it exists  [More like this]  Some python style switche  [More like this]  Teaching TwistedI gave a short presentation at work today on the basics of Twisted. I tried to cover what I consider Twisted's core networking features: Protocols, Transports, Reactors, Factories and Deferreds.  [More like this]  Lightweight XML Search Servers, Part 2  [More like this]  Dijkstra's Algorithm Dijkstra's algorithm is known to be a good algorithm to find a shortest path.  [More like this]  Orkut clone  [More like this] and mailboxes  [More like this]  RSS links  [More like this]  wxPython IRC channel  [More like this]  We Are Morons: a quick look at the Win2k source  [More like this]  PHP5 Just Around the Corner  [More like this]  Semantic Web Gathers Substance  [More like this]  The self tuning guitar  [More like this]  Createing InnoDB Tables  [More like this]  Show table status  [More like this]

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