Friday 20th February  Funniest Slashdot comment ever :)  [More like this]  HotWired Archives  [More like this]  A Rich Neighbor Named Xerox  [More like this]  The Original MacintoshAnecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it  [More like this]  Nice design  [More like this]  Design  [More like this]  poignant guide to Ruby  [More like this]  Now available: RSSFilter, an open source Python module for modifying RSS files and blogBrowser-format RSS archives in place. It builds on XMLFilter. (Speaking of which, thanks to Mark Pilgrim for its recent mention in his b-links.)  [More like this]  Blog  [More like this]  Has Text-porn finally made computers 'human'?  [More like this]  Vim & Python tips  [More like this]  Vim as XML Editor  [More like this]  Vi and Python  [More like this]  Python tips and tricks  [More like this]  Useful VIM Settings for working with Python:  [More like this]  Gnutella2 troubleshooting - auto discovery and host cache with Shareaza  [More like this]

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