A research project centered on accessiblity and AI

As part of my research into living with AI, I connected two machine-learning datasets in order to understand how an AI perceives the world. Using Google's AudioSet and Quick, Draw! Dataset I designed Maylo as a way to experience the world through ambient background noises and visualise them in her daily sketches.

My initial research lead me to believe that AI may soon need therapy, and that it will certainly need creative skills to express itself and contextualise its feelings.

  • Role Artist and creative director
  • Skills Design, concept, machine learning and classification, tensorflow, API integrations, IoT


Having spoken about the need for AI to be creative in 2017, I used Maylo as a way to understand how AI experiences the world. Understanding how Maylo interprets the world may help us to create more emotionally balanced AI, and in turn build more accessible products for a broader audience. Read more at the original project blog.