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October 3rd, 2010, By Duncan Gough


“Everywhere you look, there seem to be increasing signs that we are living inside a novel that JG Ballard started to write at the exact moment he died, a novel that takes the form of a reverberating hallucination that just keeps giving. Perhaps the novel/hallucination ends when Ballard himself is the most followed character on Facebook, his brain radiating astounding time-bending realities at the centre of the new post-internet universe where the numerous and multiplying levels of our existence interact.” via.

I want to create a location-based game where every check-in disrupts the network, the opposite of 4sq. I want to know what London looks like from the other side, I want a hippie commune bonafide.

I think we’re entering an acute period of self awareness, perhaps that is why I want to soften the edges, a smear across the lens?

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