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You know Casual Games are big when…

February 26th, 2006, By Duncan Gough

The Army want to get involved….

I, like most people, had read that war these days was a much more remote, point n’ click instant death affair rather than the cheek by jowl, technicolour horror of hand to hand combat, but I’m pretty sure that training an Army on match-three and tetris is only going to be of benefit to the new generation of recruits.

Maybe this is what LiveArcade on the Xbox360 is all about – it really is a trojan horse. Get the hardcore dropout teenagers on LiveArcade to cool off with some trance-like match-three action so that when the have no where else to go but the Army, they fly through basic training since they’ve already done it a hundred times over. It’s just like an episode of Star Trek!.

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