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December 23rd, 2004, By Duncan Gough

// meta tags

That says it all to be honest, is a very handy website that has become very popular on the back of every user supplying space separated tags for every URL they submit.

And yet – those tags should already exists. There’s a space for them in in every page I visit. I remember when meta tags, the keywords specifically, were something you spent ages worrying about whenever a new page was created. Now I worry about classifying something I’ve found so that it’ll be stored and findable again when I search again for it later.

It just feels like the boring classification task has been foisted on the (l)users. While I understand that 1,000’s of interpretations of a particular URL makes for more interesting reading than that of the author, I’d still like to see meta keywords come back. It feels like another Google decree that’s now looking like another missed opportunity.

File under the same category as this:

Why, when I spend forever knocking up REST interfaces, mod_rewrite rules and clean URLs so that Google will think enough of me to give me some more PageRank points, do I get annoyed by how poorly Google follows those rules. See Google Suggest, cool tool and a nice indicator of how XmlHttpRequest is going to do great things for web apps. What’s the URL for this great service? Hang on, are you sure? It’s



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