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Dartford Central Park Fireworks 2010

Posted by ecosrights, 467 days ago

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The date for the fireworks has been announced again.


Gates open at 5.30pm
Bonfire is lit at 7.00pm
Fireworks 7.45pm sharp
Forrests Fun Fair - Charity Sidestalls - Refreshments


Advance tickets: £ TBA £ TBA

On gate: £ TBA £ TBA

Tickets will be on sale at the following venues (TBC):

CRAFT FRAMES, 21 West Hill, Dartford. (Tues-Sat)

Yogesh of LONDIS, 43 Dartford Road

CHEF's, Priory Centre, Dartford

LIONS HOSPICE SHOP, Spital Street, Dartford

ORCHARD and PRIORY Centres on dates to be announced

This event is suitable for families, however, parents should be aware that the evening will feature several loud bangs which could be frightening to YOUNG Children.

(Select the "Fireworks" link on the left when you go to the website)


Start date Start date: Sat Nov 06, 2010
End date End date: Sat Nov 06, 2010

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