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Queries about energy saving lightbulbs

Posted by JoP, 192 days ago

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Reading discussion "Queries about energy saving lightbulbs" - Join this discussion / 2 comment(s)
Is anyone else confused and frustrated by differing opinions on the efficiency and practicality of energy saving lightbulbs? I have used them in every room in my home for about 15 years but have heard and read so many conflicting opinions on their use........... can anyone in the know enlighten me?

Producing an energy saving bulb uses more energy than producing a traditional one - true or false?

Energy saving bulbs contain mercury - I understand that harmful to the environment?

Does switching energy saving bulbs on and off frequently shorten their life the with conventional bulbs? Reply to this


  1. Re: Queries about energy saving lightbulbs by jane, 192 days ago

    I've come across a good article on the Energy Saving Trust site, with answers to some of these questions....

    1 - Because of its clever technology, an energy saving bulb might take more energy to make than a traditional bulb. But the energy saved by the bulb over its lifetime far outweighs this energy consumption.
    2 - re mercury - Energy saving bulbs contain only tiny traces of mercury - imagine a pellet smaller than the tip of a biro. What's more, in the long term, CFL technology will actually help less mercury to pollute the air.

    This is because burning fossil fuels like coal is the biggest source of mercury in the air. And as energy saving bulbs use 80% less electricity than a traditional bulb, they mean far less mercury overall.

    3 - turning on and off - No. Switching on an energy saving bulb only uses the same amount of power as leaving it on for a minute or two.

    Turning the bulb on and off repeatedly may shorten its life, but normal household use shouldn't cause any problems. In fact, Energy Saving Recommended bulbs are tested through 1,000s of cycles of switching.

    It's worth reading the article.

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    1. Re: Re: Queries about energy saving lightbulbs by JoP, 191 days ago

      Right, thankyou for that,I've had a look at the link - it all makes perfect sense to me now!

      It's a huge pity that the general public have become so confused over the more than 15 years since energy saving bulbs were first available by conflicting reports in the media!From now I shall certainly be armed with the facts and will be able to promote their use.

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