Technology doesn't have to be cold, and the future doesn't need to be bleak. Liveable technology can add a layer of switched-on art to your daily life. These soulful objects can have a positive impact on your habitat.

Our growing portfolio of digital liveables don't track you on behalf of advertisers, or sell your data to brands. All of our products work offline and don't use an internet connection, making them completely secure and trustworthy. We're designing and imagining products that use technology to create beauty and emotion.

Ara — vogel poetry

The AI companion and robot songbird who generates her own unique birdsong, and sings throughout each day. Not just an artifical intelligence, Ara is a unique and passive experience. Discover companionship and digital art in an uniquely affecting way by living together with our first soulful object that has an inherent need to sing. As featured in Creative Review.

Maylo — emotional intelligence

A lightweight AI that responds to its environment, sketches during the day and raises questions about the design, development and accessibility of artificially intelligent beings. Maylo sketches what she hears, providing us with a clearer understanding of how an AI perceives the world around itself.

Screenshot of emotional AI as Maylo

Vrnijre — digital habitables

Part surrealist table, part digital-art furniture, Vrnijre focusses on combining the passive, abstract dream-states of technology, layering AI into new parts of our daily lives and exploring how it feels to live closely with AI. Coming soon.

Screenshot of companion AI in furniture

Made with emotional intelligence

The technology you allow into your home should be designed with you in mind. The same is true for any AI products that you bring into our life — artificial intelligence doesn't need to be emotionally empty. We believe that art should be a constant companion in our lives. Ara and Vrnijre are digital art pieces for your home, designed to give you a sense of passive, gentle companionship. We're on a journey to find the emotional heart of AI and soulful objects.