Friday 12th September  Aardvark Swift recruitment  [More like this]  The Admiralty restaurant  [More like this]  MacEdition Guide to CSS2 Support in Mac-only Browsers  [More like this]  KDE Umbrello UML Modeller  [More like this]  CVS email alert configuration  [More like this]  MySQL full text searching  [More like this]  FreeGuide is a TV listings viewer that works offline  [More like this]  The birth of VI  [More like this]  Bill Joy's greatest gift to man - the vi editor  [More like this]  How did vi come about?  [More like this]  Java 2 Micro Edition links  [More like this]  Sun's J2ME Game Programming guide  [More like this]  The J2ME Mobile Media API  [More like this]  Do-It-Yourself MIDP on Mac OS X  [More like this]  Say hello to J2ME: A programming tutorial  [More like this]  Think small with J2ME  [More like this]  Networking with J2ME - Getting Java applications to network on small devices  [More like this]  m-payments with J2ME - J2ME lends itself to making payments from mobile devices  [More like this]  J2ME: Step by step  [More like this]  Mobile P2P messaging, Part 1 - Access SMS using the Wireless Messaging API and other packages  [More like this]

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