Duncan Gough
Analyst/Programmer: Perl, PHP, C, Java.

Latest news (BBC Front Page):

Shuttle may have shed heat tiles
Nasa officials say data from the shuttle Columbia indicates it may have been losing heat protection tiles as it re-entered earth's atmosphere.

Iraq 'seeks progress' in arms talks
Iraq wants to make headway in new talks with the UN on weapons inspections, a senior official says, but key issues appear no closer to resolution.

Liverpool brush Hammers aside
Liverpool plunge West Ham deeper into trouble with a 3-0 win at Upton Park.

Archbishop 'wrong' over asylum
Campaigners criticise the Archbishop of Canterbury for saying asylum seekers should be detained until it is clear they pose no danger.

'Many' dead in Nigeria blast
Dozens of people are killed and many injured when an explosion devastates buildings in Lagos city centre, but the cause is not yet known.

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