The Jayhawks Play Like a Real Band Should

Who else was there?
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by duncan.

I've been a huge fan of the Jayhawks for years. They're a band in the real sense of the word, and from seeing them at the gig it's now clear how professional (in the right sense) they all are.

I arrived hoping for a couple of my favourite and that the rest of the gig wouldn't be too bad. Turned out they made each song stand out for what it was - perfectly crafted, 4 or 5 minute mid tempo country rock. Harmonies, singing drummers, Janet Ellis at the bar (!) and a very polite crowd. Until, right at the end, there was a very liberal revolt which involed the audience telling the band that the sound was awful (it was). A change was made and things rode on to the end.

I'm so glad I went. They broke up and regrouped soon after, I think I caught them at the right time.


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