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Who else was there?
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by duncan.

My second Black Crowes show. I convinced a group of people to go and it's possibly my favourite show. I have great memories of the evening, not least the music itself which was extremely raw.

Chris started a trend of telling the audience not to try to crush one another, which, as I'd just escaped from that kind of melee at the front, was great advice to be giving. It's not often a band will actually care about the injuries its' fan are sustaining right in front of them - they may be put down as Rolling Stones rip offs but they'd never let Altamont happen at one of their own gigs with Chris in charge.

The highlight of the night was a break about halfway through, when the electric guitars were put away and Rich and Marc picked up some beautifully old acoustics. Nonfiction, Thunderstorm 6.54 and Music Is Love were played to a pretty stunned and appreciative crowd. Songs that cemented where they Crowes were going but didn't appear in official form for some time.

I lost my friends on the way out but, as is the case sometimes, we all bumped into one another and staggered home.


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